Syria solidarity films in London

If you’re in London, there’s a chance to see some documentary films about Syria tomorrow and in April…

15 March @ the Frontline Club: 3 short films by Syrian directors as part of the annual Dox Box film festival.

“The first non-profit and open-to-public creative documentary film festival in Syria, DOX BOX started as an initiative of independent filmmakers, back in 2007. It runs annually in Damascus, Tartous and Homs during the first two weeks of March and tours in other Arab cities as part of a Pan-Arab Cultural Network.

The main mission of DOX BOX is to bring together the Arab and international filmmaking community and showcase some of the world’s best creative documentaries in a friendly and dynamic environment. 

As DOX BOX is unable to complete this mission due to the events taking place in Syria, DOX BOX Global day is an initiative to keep the festival alive by hosting a screening night. Taking place on 15 March, it marks not only what would be the closing night of the fifth DOX BOX but also the one-year anniversary of the uprising in Syria.”

On 2 April, there’s the UK premiere of a documentary about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Syria: the Assad’s Twilight (inshallah it is).

“How did a man who claimed two years ago to have gone into medicine because it’s a “humanitarian job” come to be responsible for the deaths of so many thousands of Syrian people?”

These films are being shown at the Frontline Club, a venue which holds a lot of fascinating talks and discussions with key players and thinkers in politics and the media.


About Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp

Literary translator from Arabic, German and Russian into English
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