Syria – resources

Videos & audio

* People & Power – Syria: Songs of Defiance

Al-Jazeera documentary on Syria. 25 mins (in English, Syrian Arabic parts subtitled)

* Syria: The horror of Homs, a city at war

A French photojournalist, Mani, reveals graphic images of what is happening to people in the under-siege Syrian city of Homs. Channel 4 news. 11 mins (in English)

* Syria: the media lies against Syria and its people

Comparison of international reporting of deaths of Syrians and Syrian-media counter reporting showing that these people are still alive. Video apparently made by pro-government Syrian, but his case doesn’t prove that it’s the Syrian media that’s telling the truth. Many interviewees flash identity cards which are not at all clearly visible or solid proof of their identity, and I don’t doubt that it’s fairly easy for the Syrian authorities to find multiple people with the same name and claim they’re the same person. With international journalists banned from Syria, the boundaries between truth and fiction in reporting seem somewhat blurry… Source: thesyrianfighter. 5 mins (Arabic, all subtitled)

* Heimlich in Homs – Im Herzen des syrischen Aufstands

Secret filming by German film crew of the uprising in Homs. Source: ARD Mediathek. 14 mins (in German, some Syrian Arabic parts audible)


About Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp

Literary translator from Arabic, German and Russian into English
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