Beginners’ spoken Arabic course from the EU

I’ve already recommended this course to a few friends and students, although I’ve not had time to user test it properly or build it into my teaching yet. Everyone who’s looked at it has been very impressed though. When I have time, I will review it more closely but for now I just wanted to plug a really valuable, well-made and user-friendly FREE Arabic learning resource.

It presents spoken (standard) Arabic through conversations in 12 situations:

1. Welcome to the Arab World
2. Meeting our Arab friends
3. Our first Arabic meal
4. Our house is your house!
5. Discussing our plans
6. At the souq (market)
7. Where’s the National Museum?
8. Making business contacts
9. At the fruit and vegetable market
10. Taking a taxi
11. Oh dear, what have I eaten?
12. Dinner with the director

You follow 2 characters, Frank and Sarah, as they meet people and have conversations in Arabic. Each unit has an everyday situation, as above, and within that unit there are 6 modules:

1. the main dialogue
2. working with the new words – you’ll learn to pronounce and recognise 6 new words for this unit
3. getting to know the Arabic script
4. language note – explains basic patterns in the way the sentences are put together
5. language activities to practice what you’ve learnt
6. cultural note – find out more about the culture and history, about etiquette and rules for doing business in the Arab world.

Go and try it out, and do post a comment below if you have any feedback about it.


About Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp

Literary translator from Arabic, German and Russian into English
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4 Responses to Beginners’ spoken Arabic course from the EU

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  2. Neal T says:

    HI! Just a quick note to say thanks for the review and that, in the meantime, we’ve updated some of the content on ArabicOnline and we’ve also developed a demo app for iPad / Android (which might interest your students & site visitors). Kindest Regards, Neal from the team.

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