Araboh is a wonderful website for parents and teachers of kids learning Arabic, full of resources for making learning Arabic and especially reading fun. The website has an international bookstore (prices in US dollars but they ship to anywhere in the world), lots of tips and suggestions for reading programmes to use in school, at Arabic clubs or at home in the family, as well as downloadable materials and online games and activities.

It’s a great idea, thought up by a first generation Iraqi Brit who experienced first hand the struggle of learning your parents’ language with out-of-date, uninspiring materials.

I hope this website and company will help show the world that there are great Arabic kids’ books out there and they’re easy to get hold of, and that there is no better way to encourage students’ vocabulary and familiarity with Arabic syntax & grammar than by reading for fun.

I heard about this site from the fantastic blog about Arabic books for kids, Check it out and get shopping for some lovely books to help with your Arabic, no matter what age you are!


About Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp

Literary translator from Arabic, German and Russian into English
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