Your First 100 Words in Arabic (book review)

Lovely book for learning fun vocab and getting familiar with reading printed Arabic. It’s great for total beginners, combining printed exercises and games with a CD of interactive exercises, but in terms of structures it won’t teach you to form anything more than very simple sentences and questions. I encourage my students to buy this book and use it for homework activities to supplement our lessons while we are getting used to the alphabet and learning to recognise patterns and shapes in Arabic words.

Each chapter introduces you to 12 words in a topic and the 8 topics are: things you’d find around the house, clothes, places around town, the countryside, adjectives/opposites, animals, parts of the body, and useful phrases in conversation. The words are taught in isolation, without any grammar, so it’s easy to combine with another course, such as Mastering Arabic or Read and Speak Arabic, which deals with the grammar/structures.

It comes with a set of flashcards for each topic so it really does help you quickly learn to recognise 100 Arabic words and helps you read and write with no previous experience.

You can buy it from Waterstones / Foyles / Amazon / your local bookshop.


About Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp

Literary translator from Arabic, German and Russian into English
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