Voices and faces of the Adhan: Cairo

I’ve just heard about a great project which needs your help! Voices and faces of the Adhan: Cairo is a feature-length documentary film examining the 1,400-year-old oral tradition of the Muslim call to prayer. The link here is to their kick-starter appeal, where you can donate as little as $1 to help fund this great project.

  • أذان     Adhan: the Muslim call to prayer
  • مؤذن   Muezzin: the one who recites the adhan, singing the call to prayer five times a day

There are over 30,000 paid and volunteer muezzins in Cairo. The film follows the muezzins of Cairo — the voices of the city — as the tradition of the adhan, and Egypt itself, undergo crucial changes.

While traveling in 2007, film maker Anna was so captivated by the call to prayer in Cairo — this rich, thousand-voice aural tapestry rising up above the city — that she started walking into mosques during the times of the adhan just to listen closely to the muezzins.

Once back in the states, she couldn’t believe there existed no actual documentation of individual muezzins from individual mosques. The makers of this film believe everyone can connect with the very human stories of our individual muezzins. In this way we see the film as an opportunity for intercultural dialogue between the West and the Middle East, at a time when it’s greatly needed.



About Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp

Literary translator from Arabic, German and Russian into English
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