Arabian Sindbad

Firstly, an apology for my silence lately! أنا آسفة Been a busy start to the year and haven’t had much time for blogging.

Hoping to do some long overdue reviews soon, including for Nafura Arabic textbooks, Arabian Sindbad DVDs and some other great Arabic teaching resources.

I’m also planning to start a series of mini interviews with students of Arabic and people who use Arabic in their work, as a source of inspiration and motivation for anyone learning the language. Do get in touch if you’d like to contribute something to the blog or give a little interview about your experience of Arabic.

Meanwhile, check out some of the addictive Arabian Sindbad videos on YouTube


    1. Thanks Jade for your comment. I agree it’s great that lots of kids are getting the chance to learn it as a second language. And with such great resources available like the Sindbad DVDs, the language is much more accessible and easy to pick up than people realise. I wish the government in the UK would recognise it as an important world language to encourage in our primary and secondary schools, though.

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