What do you already know about Arabic? (Quiz)

Here’s a very short quiz about Arabic which you can download and use with your students. It’s creative commons so please reproduce and edit it as you wish. Indeed, you might disagree with my answers!

I use this quiz with my beginner students in their very first lesson to give them a bit of an outline of some features of Arabic in an interactive, deductive way. It also puts students at ease as they realise that they already know something about the language even before the first lesson starts.

I ask students to do the quiz in pairs so they’re discussing and sharing their ideas from the start. As you’ll see, I include one trick question… it seems to help students get to grips with the special letters (ة  &  ى  & hamzaء ) as it usually inspires a bit of a discussion!

Do let me know how you use the quiz in class!



About Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp

Literary translator from Arabic, German and Russian into English
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5 Responses to What do you already know about Arabic? (Quiz)

  1. Bohdan says:

    Thanks. Nice but short unfortunately))

    • ruthahmedzai says:

      Thanks Bohdan! It’s intentionally short as most of my students only have Arabic 1 hour a week, so don’t have much time to spare and are keen to get on with learning the language! If I get time, I might manage a longer version which I’ll share.

  2. arabictutoringdotcom says:
  3. arabictutoringdotcom says:

    Oops sorry for the typo — “to my blog” instead of “to on blog”.

  4. arabictutoringdotcom says:

    I wrote this one:
    It is not only a quiz about a chapter from Alif Baa book, but also about general information in away similar to your quiz.

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