Thanks to all our followers

A huge thank you to everyone who’s followed the blog and contacted me about it over the past year… And a huge apology for letting it languish all this time!

imageIt’s been a busy time as I’ve been off on maternity leave with my second son, who has of course had a thorough introduction to the sight and sounds of Arabic with baby board books and classic Levantine nursery rhymes.

imageI’ve been back at translation work over the summer as my husband took some paternity leave to help out as I started translating my first Arabic novel commission: The Bride of Amman by Jordanian author, blogger and civil rights activist Fadi Zaghmout. It’s a fascinating, controversial and very moving story of 5 young Ammanis, whose lives and fates, and love lives, intersect in surprising ways. It was a bestseller in Jordan and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it when it’s out in English in 2015.

Before I started work on that, I squeezed a couple of other Arabic projects into my ‘keeping in touch’ days:

Children’s songs from around the world in nine languages!









I had my first ever experience in a recording studio with my Babel Babies colleagues, recording our first multilingual CD of children’s songs from around the world. Get a copy to hear our rendition of Incy Wincy Spider in Arabic!

wpid-birka-228x228.gifI edited a fantastic new Arabic textbook for complete beginners: Al Birka introduction to Arabic letters and sounds, from the brilliant Spanish publisher Albujayra. They produce really beautiful, colourful and engaging Arabic textbooks so I hope this will be just the first of many to make the transition into English.

So all this is just by way of an apology for my silence for so long! In future my posts will be less frequent than before as publishing work (translation and editing) has definitely taken over and I spend less time teaching these days.

If you’re a teacher of Arabic and are interested in helping produce resources for this blog, please do get in touch!

Thanks as always for reading,


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