Learn Arabic on Twitter

twitter arabicGreat twitter accounts to follow if you’re learning Arabic. In no particular order…


Good News from the Middle East |

أخبار سارّة من الشرق الأوسط


Rotating account with tweets by a different Arabic learner/teacher each week. Run by the people behind the website goarabic.ae

@4ArabChildren المفكرون الصغار / Little Thinking Minds

Producers of high quality Arabic educational audio-visual products from DVDs, CDs to Apps for children to inspire a love for the language



Arabic Language Training For Professional and Apsiring Linguists. Excellent resources focussing on news and current affairs vocabulary by using current media articles.


Tweeting about creativity from the arabic speaking world. Visit the blog for more info. Created by designer & arabic language learner Susan Carey.


A continually updated list of free Arabic learning resources for adults and children. Twitter feed by a provider of Arabic classes in Southampton, UK.

twitter arabic 2@arabiclanguage

Official Twitter account for the Transparent Language Arabic blog. Learn the language with free resources, social media, and research-based software.


EU-funded online course of Arabic for students, pupils and businesspeople.


They say: “The best place to learn Arabic in a way you can use it in everyday conversation, writing and reading.” everyday-arabic.com


The Story of an Expat who learns/shares Arabic via tweets | Blog: | goarabic.ae


Christopher Neil is an Arabic linguist, global citizen, and supporter of liberties and human rights, and blogs at http://www.arabglot.com

arabic twitter 3

Don’t forget you can change the language on twitter to Arabic on the account settings menu, so that you can read Arabic every time you log on. Don’t forget how you did it in case you need to change it back again!

Which other twitter accounts would you recommend for Arabic learners? Let me know!


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