Jordanian clip from Aamiya Arabiya

Thank you Summer over at Foreign Language Arabic blog for highlighting this wonderful series of colloquial Jordanian clips on YouTube. It’s called Aamiya Arabiya and it features young Jordanians talking about everyday subjects such as going to the cinema, using social media, their daily routine, their family, favourite foods etc. I’ve been teaching with a few of them and over the next few days/weeks I’ll be posting some of the resources I’ve made to go with them.

This is Hiba talking on the phone with a friend. I think she’s talking to someone Egyptian because at the beginning she uses the Egyptian phrase for ‘today’ = نهار دا؟ (literally, ‘daytime this’). Later on she uses  اليوم.  There are a couple of exercises below.

  1. Here are some of the phrases she uses but listed here alphabetically. Print them out and chop them up, then rearrange into the order of appearance in the conversation.

  الحمد لله منيحة

أوكي ماشي

باي بع سلالمة

تجي ع بيتي نتغدّى مع بعض ونتعشّى مع بعض

تجي عندي

ما بأقدر أطلع هلا

ما بيضبط اليوم

ما راح يضبط

ممكن بكرة او بعد بكرة

نهار دا؟

ولا سوري انا كتير مشغولة

يلله بأحكي معك بعدين أوكي؟

يمكن بكرة او يوم السبت انا فاضية الساعة ستة

  1. How would you say…?

Come to mine and we’ll have lunch together

I can’t go out now

I’m very busy

I’m free at six o’clock

It’s not going to work today


  1. Thanks for linking to these and for providing a new exercise. I hope others will use these too. I tried to find the woman who made them to credit her on Twitter or elsewhere, but haven’t found anything online for her. Anyway, keep up the good work!

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