About this site

wpid-ahlan-wa-sahlan.jpg wpid-e915d4552967b6e6d9e3252aa8406ed4.jpegAhlan wa sahlan! I’m Ruth and I started this blog to share resources with teachers and students of Arabic as a foreign language. I’m a British teacher and translator, and I can remember what it feels like to be a complete beginner: I started learning Arabic in 2004 when I was already a professional linguist. I also know how hard it is to progress beyond the level of textbooks and start to navigate real-life Arabic with its mind-boggling range of dialects. So the main purpose of this site is to highlight resources, online and elsewhere, to help learners progress to proficiency in the forms of Arabic that interest them, be it standard Arabic or a spoken dialect.

Please be patient as I post things very sporadically. I’m too busy translating and teaching!

I would welcome contributions from Arabic teachers or students. Please get in touch on Twitter or by email!



  1. Ruth this looks fabulous, and we will reference it and refer to it specifically in the HEA report – please clarify for me what the A1 etc levels mean x

    1. Thanks, Alison! I will try to fill in the info about the international CEFR lang levels as soon as I can. There’s not much on the site yet but I hope to start adding my many bookmarked resources asap!

  2. This is fantastic. A really good site for teachers and learners of Arabic. Thank you for all the resources! Farah

  3. Hi Ruth, It is a very interesting blog. I enjoyed reading it. It has many useful information for both Arabic teachers and students. Thank you very much.

  4. Hello, I would like to Know if you do Arabic A Level Exams if yes, I would like to know how much the exam costs & when it is.

    1. Are you based in the UK? It is sometimes possible to enter for A level at a local private school or further education college as an external candidate. You would have to ask the school or college in question about the cost as they may have an administration charge. Good luck.

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