Arts and literature

Arts in the Middle East

* Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival

* Noor Festival of Arts, London

* Shubbak – window on contemporary Arab culture, London

* The Arab Review – online magazine exploring arts and culture in the Arab world

* Bidoun – magazine for the arts

* Salsali Private Art Gallery, Dubai

* Delfina Foundation

Arabic Literature & Poetry

* ArabLit (in English) – daily blog with fascinating updates, interviews and reviews from the world of Arabic writing and publishing, written by an American Arabic literary expert in Cairo

* The Best of Arabic Literature: reviews in English of contemporary fiction in Arabic (aimed at translators and those in the publishing industry, trying to increase the exposure of Arabic literature in translation)

* Arab World Books – in Arabic and English. Described as a “cultural club and Arabic Bookstore specialising in the Egypt, Arab and Middle East, promoting cross-cultural dialogue and featuring articles, stories, literature, poetry, individual dossiers for Arab writers, book discussion, creative writing workshop and readers club.”

* Al-Baab – Introduction to Arabic literature and authors, historic and contemporary

* Banipal Magazine of Modern Arab Literature

* Indepth report on Arabic literature translated into English, in the UK and Ireland, 1990-2010. Includes impressive bibliography/reading list

* International Prize for Arabic Fiction – details of previous prize winners

* If you’re interested in (translated) Arabic fiction in English, join the Banipal book club which meets once a month in London

Arabic Film

* Palestine Film Festival – London

* Dubai International Film Festival

* Zenith Foundation – platform for Arab independent cultural production: cinema/sound/thought/culture

Arabic Music

* Learn Arabic through songs:

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