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Top 10 Free Levantine Arabic Resources (and a few more besides…)

In no particular order, here are my 10 favourite online resources for learning the spoken Arabic of the Levant (Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Israel and Syria). Below are a bonus few recommendations of resources you can buy, too. 1. Jordanian Arabic … Continue reading

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Places you should visit in Jordan

This is from the brilliant Aamiya Arabiya series on YouTube – short videos which provide a nice intro to Jordanian and Lebanese colloquial Arabic What is the plural of the word مكان (place)? What is  البحر الميت? Fill in the gap with one … Continue reading

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Jordanian clip from Aamiya Arabiya

Thank you Summer over at Foreign Language Arabic blog for highlighting this wonderful series of colloquial Jordanian clips on YouTube. It’s called Aamiya Arabiya and it features young Jordanians talking about everyday subjects such as going to the cinema, using social media, their … Continue reading

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Arabic: more accessible than you think

Here’s the link to an article I recently wrote for the British Council blog series about world languages: Arabic – more accessible than you think. Enjoy and please do leave a comment. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts!

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Untranslatable idiomatic expressions

I’m preparing to teach an intensive colloquial Arabic course starting in November, so you may hear more from me again in the coming weeks as I delve back into my teaching archives and shake off old worksheets that I haven’t … Continue reading

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Beirut – we love you!

For anyone who loves Beirut or who, like me, has never been there but is fascinated by its historic and cultural charm nonetheless, here are some great ways to get more of a flavour of this crazy city. Beirut I … Continue reading

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Arabic through bellydancing

Bellydancing and learning Arabic seem to go hand in hand, and indeed it was the motivation for one of my groups of students to start learning Arabic in the first place. As they head of for yet another bellydancing themed … Continue reading

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