Dictionaries & reference


* Online Hans Wehr and Lane’s Lexicon – search for Arabic dictionary entries by the 3 root letters


* Arabic Grammar explanations & exercises by Nacereddine – some slips in the English but most of the explanations I’ve looked at were clear and easy to follow. Haven’t tried out the exercises yet

* Lisan Masry (Egyptian Tongue) – guide to spoken Egyptian grammar. Bit difficult to follow but may be useful for intermediate students of standard Arabic who wish to know more about spoken Arabic (:aamiyah)

Islamic reference materials

* Quran Arabic Dictionary – enter three root letters to find all the instances of words with that root in the Quran. For each instance, click on it to find a translation of the verse, an explanation of the grammar, and an audio recording of the line

* Islam Awakened – very useful and userfriendly site offering parallel comparison of 41 different translations of each verse of the Quran. Also available for download as Android phone app!

* al-Islam portal: search the Quran and commentaries (tafseer) by key word

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